Hostgator Trial Coupon Codes

Hostgator Trial Coupon Codes – Use these Special Hostgator Discount Codes to Get a FREE TRIAL MONTH of Hostgator Webhosting.

Follow the simple two steps below to get a free trial month of hostgator webhosting:

Step #1: Click here to visit Hostgator

Step #2: Proceed to enter HGBAYOU1CENT at checkout in the “coupons” section to claim your free trial month. Repeat this coupon code is: HGBAYOU1CENT .

Note: By using this method you will only get charged 1 penny for signing up for Hostgator initially and can cancel anytime within 45 days and receive a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

Additionally feel free to watch the above video to learn more about all the different available hostgator 1 cent discount codes.

The above trial offer was generously provided to us courtesy of Hostgator Coupon Bayou. Click here to visit their website.

About Hostgator Free Trial Offer

Who does not want something that is legitimately given to them freely? No one! This is what HostGator is planning to do in a couple of days ahead. Starting the month of March, the world’s number one domain registrar will launch a program that will certainly benefit its clients holistically. We are talking about getting a HostGator free trial for 45 days! Of course that will happen to all its potential clients and newly converted individuals that are now totaling to somewhere over 9 million in domains. All this work is done whole-heartedly by HostGator’s staff that comprises closely over 750 members.

What do you expect then? What are the benefits of the plan? What can you do to get the HostGator free trial program? Let us discus this one after another.

What Is HostGator Free Trial Program?

As already tipped, this is a program that is aimed at benefiting HostGator clients. It is a tool; that is likely to see HostGator retain its loyal clients who have always stayed with the company ever since its inception. Although this is not HostGator’s primary goal, a lot can be of benefit to the company through this HostGator free trial thing. The question on how it works is pretty simple since it does not involve any new rules apart from the usual policies and premiums whether monthly, quarterly or yearly.

How Does HostGator Free Trial Program Work?

Below are some of the features of HostGators free trial program:

• Unlimited space and of course free bandwidth
• To install, it is a 1-click and on WordPress
• Their control panels are easy to use
• A 45 days guarantee of your money
• The uptime if 99.9% guaranteed
• The support team is at your service 24/7 throughout the year
• All the above can be general advantages as well as the narrowed-down into the HostGator free trial plan that is yet to be unveil.
• You will be awarded either a 10% bonus or a whopping 25% bonus depending on how you choose to pay your premiums. All these will depend on the way you will make your payment decision but whatever the way you may decide, you will get the sited percentage in a matter of days.

What Are The Benefits Of HostGator Free Trial Campaign?

The following are benefits that are awaiting you, in choosing HostGator free trial program:

1. You will get a change to pay for several months in advance, something that will definitely result in saving.
2. It is not necessary that you should have a coupon in order for you to receive your money back.
3. You can actually save up to 25% every month for a number of years that will amount to even 3 years. For regular plans, it means that you will get to save $ 117 and $ 599 in two years for those with an account like the reseller account.
4. Cancelling is simple. You don’t have to feel that you are forced and your money tied. Once you feel that you need to cancel and quit the program, there is no much tussle. HostGator’s staff led by the president will help you in getting your money back whatever time you want it whenever you need it because it is your money.

Hostgator Domain Name Coupons

Choosing the right web hosting provider is one of the most essential steps to the formation of a website, it is eventually what will be the basis of your company. The right web hosting provider not only helps in creating an excellent website but also helps promote ones organization by increasing traffic. There is a range of web-hosting providers available in the market but out of all of them, the one which reign supreme is Hostgator.

Coupons Hostgator

Hostgator is currently one of the most elite web hosting providers in the market, known for its

+ Excellent performance which is made possible, all thanks to its state of the art equipment which keeps it well and running. The sites are hosted in Dual Xeon servers, along with which, a lot of funding is also done for the same.

+ Many speed tests have proven time and again that websites hosted on Hostgator tend to run faster as compared to its competitors.

+ Its known for its excellent customer service, the people at Hostgator are extremely dedicated to their work and make sure all issues are addressed. They prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else.

+ The Response time in Hostgator is much better than other web-hosting providers, it has constantly been checked for its response time and every time it has kept up to its promise.

+ The downtime in Hostgator is very less and does not tend to be down after every few hour or minutes. Downtime in Hostgator is something rarely seen.

+ The layout design is very easy for any novice to get a feel of and understand. It is simple in its approach, while being complex in its technology and performance.

+ But last but not the least, it has to be its highly reasonable prices, the cost is pocket friendly and has something for everyone.

There are currently several discount coupons being offered at Hostgator. Some of the Hostgator Domain Name Coupons currently available are:

– The first available discount coupon is the 20% off, which can be utilized both by new and present customers. The availability of the discount is available on the first statement of new hosting plans and will be automatically functional, once one sign-up and selects a billing cycle.

– The coupon code HGBAYOU1CENT can also be utilized. The coupon code provides with $9.94 discount on any new hosting plan bought by a client. Fresh customers can use this coupon code once for any first order coming up to $49.70 or less. For an order higher than the requisite number, the former coupon maybe beneficial.

– There is also the Black Friday coupon which is exclusively available only on Black Friday from 12:00 AM till Sunday at 11:59 PM. But this coupon is limited, only to new hosting package orders and does not include present packages.

– The Cyber Monday coupon is only available on Cyber Monday from 12:00 AM until 11:59 PM. The coupon just like the former is limited for new hosting package only.

So why wait! This is your opportunity to grab the perfect tool to boost your company and help it it reach new heights.

Hostgator vs StartLogic

The time has come to find a host for your website. Whether you are just starting a simple blog, or you are going to sell products or services via an ecommerce website, you want to have the best hosting possible. There are many factors that a person should always take into consideration when shopping for web hosting. Some of these would be:

· The price
· Up time
· Disk space
· Bandwidth
· Customer support
· And more

Today we are going to take a look at 2 of the top web hosting companies, and through reviews of their features, and the plans each company offers, we will make a decision on which web hosting company is best. This battle pits Hostgator vs StartLogic. Opponents, shake hands and prepare to battle!


Prices, Disk space, and Bandwidth
Looking at 2 types of plans from each company, we will determine who wins in the pricing structure. The plans are the simple plans for those starting a website, and the highest plans for those who want and need a lot.

Hostgator’s smallest plan is called the hatchling. At $3.95 per month, a person gets 1 domain of usage and unlimited bandwidth and storage.

StartLogic’s smallest plan is called PersonelLogic. It is also $3.95 per month, but there is no limits on domains. You only get 600 GB of bandwidth and 60 GB of storage.

Hostgator’s large plan is the swap. At $10.35 per month the domain usage, bandwidth, and storage space is all unlimited.

StartLogic’s large plan is called WindowsLogic. This is because it is Windows based instead of Linux. Most webmasters know that Linux is hands down a better base for web hosting. At $8.95 per month, a person can have unlimited domains, but only 1000 GB of bandwidth, and 100 GB of storage.

The fact is, if you look very closely, Hostgator wins these battles easily. Don’t let that cheaper price fool you on the top hosting plan; look at the storage too.

Up time
When looking at the statistics for up time, we find that both hosts are quite close on this feature.

Customer Support
Hopefully, this isn’t an item you will have to use very often, but when you do, you want immediate attention. At Hostgator, you can talk to a support technician via live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. They also have a toll free phone that is available on the same schedule. StartLogic does not have live chat. The live chat can be a huge advantage in that if the tech needs you to perform something, you can do it and they will be right there with you.

Hostgator wins in this area also.
Other Considerations

Many webmasters use certain applications that need to be supported by their web host. Some applications that come to mind are:
· Python
· Cron
· Ruby On Rails
· Fast CGI
· Curl
· GD

All of these applications and many more are supported by Hostgator. StartLogic does not support any of these.

Hostgator also is far above StartLogic in the ecommerce portion of this battle. Hostgator offers several cart options, a dedicated IP, and a private or shared SSL. StartLogic offers none of those.

The Ruling
After a long battle, the judges have come to a unanimous decision. The winner by far is Hostgator!

Hostgator vs Namecheap

Most people find it hard choosing among the array of options of webhosting companies to host their websites. Some of these companies are simply on a league of their own and the slightest of differences between them could help you make a decision that is best for your website and your pocket. NameCheap and HostGator are two companies that belong to the highest class, and while there has been a long-time debate over which one of the two offers better services, we managed to take an in-depth review of them to increase the visibility of the smallest differences that, otherwise, could never be noticed.

Namecheap and Hostgator

Plans and Price

NameCheap, the older of the two, was founded in 2001 and offers multiple hosting services. It includes four plans, namely; Professional, Value, Business Expert and Ultimate. These plans are priced between $2.90 and $23.00 per month. The cheapest of all is the Value plan which happens in a 3-2-1 year billing cycle going at $2.95, $3.48 and $3.98 per month respectively. The other three plans come with 1-3-6 month billing cycle which is short term.

HostGator offers three plans as well: Baby, Business and Hatchling. They are priced at $3.96, $6.36 and $10.36 per month respectively, and come with a default 20% discount. Moreover, the packages come with a year-long domain name for free. HostGator emerges the winner as none of NameCheap’s solutions comes with any advertising credits or a free domain name.


Both NameCheap and HostGator use cPanel as their control panel but, surprisingly, the companies have a number of differences in this factor. Some of the differences include;

-maximum disk space on NameCheap is 25GB while it is unlimited on HostGator

-maximum number of email accounts for NameCheap is 50 while on HostGator it is unlimited

-HostGator supports Perl while NameCheap doesn’t

-HostGator supports PostgreSQL while NameCheap doesn’t

-NameCheap offers a 14-day Money Back Guarantee while on HostGator there is no set maximum

Reliability and Performance

For all the people who use their hosting service and work hard to fulfill this commitment, both companies guarantee at least 99% uptime. After a study, though, it was realized that HostGator surpasses NameCheap by a narrow margin. Results show that HostGator guarantees 99.98% uptime while NameCheap provides 99.91%. In terms of hosting speed, the server response time of HostGator was 338 ms while that of NameCheap was 568 ms. Again, HostGator wins.

Technical Support

Unlike many other top webhosting service providers, HostGator and NameCheap are simply prompt and efficient in dealing with customer issues on email. They both have hundreds of customer-care professionals whose jobs are to ensure none of the customers’ questions and complain go unanswered or unsolved. The only significant difference between these two companies is that HostGator also provides technical support through toll-free phone calls while NameCheap does not.


As you might have realized, NameCheap comes narrowly after HostGator as some drawbacks such as lack of toll-free call option and higher costs are not that friendly. HostGator, having been established in 2002, might be younger than its adversary but its efficiency and rate of growth is simply amazing and cannot find its match in NameCheap or any other webhost. We recommend you choose HostGator.

Hostgator vs WebHostingHub

HostGator and Webhosting Hub are popularly known globally for their web hosting services. In fact, they are ranked among the world best with HostGator taking a higher positon as compared to Webhosting Hub. The two pride themselves of having a wide customer base. One of the reasons as to why people highly cherish them is because of their affordable rates and quality services. For this reason, it has become a challenge for many to choose between the two world giants. Below is a highlight of their comparison based on different aspects.


Uptime and Speed
According to statistics, HostGator has a powerful uptime as compared to Webhosting Hub. HostGator provides a higher uptime because it transferred all its servers from Soft layers to Blue Host data centers. Furthermore, its data centers are very robust with highly redundant systems. In terms of performance, it has come out clear that that Webhosting Hub is excellent though still slower than HostGator. Webhosting Hub servers are purely of Dell premium. Nevertheless, its data centers are complaint with PCI, with all their access points under control. It is also important to note that websites hosted by Webhosting Hub work for a long time and are always available.

It is necessary to say that both sites offer pretty fair rates. However, Webhosting Hub is the best. More amazingly, it has released a 50% discount to all the readers going through its promotional link. Additionally, it has a vast variety of free features it provides such as free site builder, free website transfer service, and 1 free domain name among others. On the contrary, HostGator cheapest package has restrictions because it allows a user to host one site and one domain on single account. More surprisingly, the renewal rate of its Hatchling is very high almost illogical.

The two sites boast of providing all their clients with rich features. However, there is a slight difference between the two. Webhosting Hub provides more special offer features to the clients as compared to HostGator. With Webhosting Hub, all the rich features are provided in a single plan. There are no hidden charges. Some of its special offers include constant contact, eFax, Ting, Ring central, and e online data among others. All this are provided in one account at an affordable rate. On the other hand, HostGator provides rich features such as Basekit site builder, but the main problem is that their offers are limited.

Technical Support and Assistance
In terms of customer support and assistance the two are very great. In fact. In this context, they seem to be on the same pace. You can contact them via a phone, email, or a live chat. According to the testament of most of the clients, it takes a very short time to get a response. In order to also improve your customer experience, the two have a 24 hours working plan meaning you are always guaranteed support

Generally, the two sites are good and reliable. Therefore, you can choose which ever seems best to you. Try one today!

Hostgator vs Fatcow

HostGator and Fatcow are the hottest web hosting companies in this digital world and that is why there are numerous reviews that are trying to focus on the two companies. They are rapidly growing and becoming popular each day. The two web hosting companies are best compared using features of each product that may include;

Fatcow vs Hostgator


Many customers are after the services of these two companies because they both provide their product at customer friendly prices. Fatcow’s price is a just $4.83 but that of HostGator is approximated at $4.95 per month. Even though HostGator’s charges are slightly high, they match the kind of services that this company offers. There are some companies that have hidden charges attached to webhosting charges. However, you should not worry of these two webhosting companies especially HostaGator because the company has no hidden charges.


Which web hosting company between HostGator and Fatcow is reliable in terms of service delivery? You need to check uptime guarantee for each of the web hosting company in order for you to answer this question in the right way. HostGator is better than Fatcow in this sector because it offers an incredible guarantee of 99 percent while Fatcow offers a guarantee of around 92 percent.

Products and Services

HostGator would be a solution to your problems if you re after a variety of products. This company provides its customers with a variety of products which can be grouped as dedicated servers and reseller hosting that they will have to choose from. For example, in the case of dedicated hosting, the copany provides various types of hosting that can be selected from either windows platform or Linux. On the other hand, Fatcow’s services are not very that diverse but they include some complementary services such as domain registration, scripting add-ons and website design.

Web Hosting Features providers avail adequate features that you can use to make a statement with your website. Some of these features include free shopping cart software, server-side programming languages and web stat tools. Unlike HostGator that provides cPanel while Fatcow offers H-Shere. Both of these two control panels are aimed at meeting same customer goals that allow their accounts to install add-ons such as photo gallery, blogs, forums and programs.. Fatcow allows customer to host as many website as possible but HostGator limits its customer to the use of one domain so as to maintain effectiveness of service delivery.

HostGator has hundreds of literal smoke detectors that are used to protect data in case of occurrence of fire incidents. Another feature that is present in this web hosting company and not available in Fatcow is the presence of powerful generators that help in ensuring that there is no disruption of the main source of power.

Customer Service

HostGator and FatCow are almost similar in terms of quality support. They also provide you with various ways of getting things that you need especially when things become tight. The customer support of this company provides additional software such as self help and comprehensive video tutorials.


There are several web hosting companies that you have the freedom of choosing their services. Even though FatCow has an amazing price offer, HostGator provides more features and it is n effective web hosting company.

Hostgator vs Justhost

When it comes to choosing the right web hosting company, it’s quite difficult to make a choice between HostGator and JustHost. Both the service providers offer excellent web hosting services and as such in a comparison between the two it is quite difficult to decide which is the better option.

If you are not clear which one would prove to be a better choice you must check out the comparison of Hostgator vs Justhost here.

Hostgator vs Justhost

Hostgator vs Justhost- An Overview
HostGator is a global provider of reseller, shared, web hosting and VPS. This is a comprehensive large company hosting several servers. If you are looking for multiple hosting solutions , dedicated servers and VPS then, HostGator is a perfect choice for you.

Whereas, when it comes to a professional hosting provider offering customized services as per the needs and preferences of small businesses then Justhost could be a good option. If you are looking for a hosting company that offers all-in-one shared hosting services, then Justhost might be a good option for you.

HostGator offers three level plans for their web hosting services –Baby , Business and Hatchling plan. Additionally, you can benefit from the discount coupons of the company. The starting from $3.96/mo you can get up to 25% discount on availing their services. The discount coupon allows you to avail as many web hosting services of HostGator you want.

On the other hand, when it comes to affordability its wise to opt for JustHost web hosting services. You can discount up to 69% discount. But this is valid only for the customer opting for the promotional link. Though the plans of JUsthost are cheaper than HostGator, but at the same time you need to keep in mind that cheaper is not always the best.

You’ll be pleased to know that the when hosting services of the two come with uptime guarantee up to 99.9%. But in addition to this HostGator offers automatic backups, off-site backups weekly and all time server monitoring. But with JustHost doesn’t offer off-site backups. Thus, when it comes to reliability HostGator has an upper hand on Justhost.

Both HostGator and Justhost are reliable in terms of quality of service. But HostGator possess higher ratings in comparison to Justhost. With 24/7 customer care support via email, live chat and phone the former features several articles and tutorials that will help you through the process of web hosting.

Hostgator vs Justhost- Who Wins?
Though both JustHost and HostGator can be relied upon for shared web hosting. But when it comes to hiring the best the latter is more promising than the former. Although the administrator of JustHost holds far more experience than the CEO of HostGator. But still HostGator offers much more satisfactory service to its customers. Moreover, you can also enjoy generous compensations if you hire their services.

Overall, HostGator will prove out to be a safer bet when hiring a web hosting company. Though JustHost also offers a few promising services such as decent service and excellent reliability, but still its not efficient enough to offer highly professional and reliable web hosting services.
If you want to make a good stand in this competitive industry then HostGator is a worthy option for you.

Hostgator vs Liquid Web Review

Founded in 2002, Hostgator has no setup fees, even for a 30 days contract. Hostgator is one of top 10 shared webhosting companies, and consistently ranked among the best by most reviewers and reviewing websites.

Hostgator vs Liquid Web

HostGator has a vast variety of tools to offer that can take every idea or a business online in just a few hours! Starting from easy-to-use tools to build a website and quirky templates, to the one-click applications installer software, to everything that is necessary to launch a fully-functional site is provided at your fingertips.

Hostgator stands out from the rest due to its excellent technical support and customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with their services and technical support, you have the option to even approach the hostgator president Brent Oxley to address your problem, lending the problem solving process a personal touch.

Hostgator Features:

Linux hosting as well as Windows hosting is offered by Hostgator. Their every package consists of all the features required to run a serious website. The packages Swamp and Baby permit unlimited number of domains, which are extremely beneficial in case you own multiple websites. For Linux hosting they employ cPanel, the best and most diverse control panel available. Also, a Fantastico script installer is provided, with its help you can install almost all popular open source scripts in just a few clicks.

Hostgator supports programming languages such as Perl, PHP4 & 5, Python, Cron jobs, Ruby On Rails, SSL, SSH, et al, whereas Liquid Web doesn’t support Ruby on Rails and SSL. Also, sufficient number of POP3 accounts are included in all the Hostgator packages (20 accounts for Hatchling package and unlimited for the rest).

Any technologically challenged person can easily and efficiently handle various online tasks with the help of Hostgator. Through Hostgator, creating any kind of blog, starting a discussion forum, using a CMS, or wiki, uploading your pictures to your photo gallery, or selling online with your/other E-commerce store, is quick and hassle-free. HostGator runs on various platforms such as Apache, Linux, PHP, and MySQL, hence thousands of mediocre to high-class software and applications existing presently are compatible, making it a superior webhost compared to other companies.

Hostgator vs Liquid Web:

HostGator and Liquid Web are well-known web hosts of the IT and hosting industry, especially known for rare downtime. However, which one is the better Linux web host? The answer can be easily found by taking a look at the comparison table below, which we worked out based on our own research and in-depth review analysis on both of their Linux hosting service from feature reliability, performance, features, and technical support.

Price & Benefits

HostGator has designed three shared Linux hosting plans, known as the Hatchling, the Baby and the Business. The regular starting price of the plans ranges from $3.96 per month, $6.36 per month and $10.36 per month; and minimum 20% discount by is given by default. Also, customers who purchase this service by applying the coupon BWH25Percent are entitled to an additional 5% discount and avails the packages at the following prices $3.71 per month, $5.96 per month, and $9.71 per month.

In addition to the compelling price deduction, Hostgator provides numerous extra benefits, such as one free domain (name) valid for a period of one year, a guarantee of full refund within 45 days, anytime prorated full refund guarantee, 4,000+ website templates absolutely free, 52 scripts absolutely free, Weebly website builder absolutely free, and Google advertising credits worth $100.
To allow users to select an ideal package which suits their budget and meets requirements, Liquid Web has created four shared Linux hosting solutions named as the Standard, the Webmaster, the Professional and the Semi-dedicated and the price range starts from $14.95 per month, $19.95 per month, $24.95 per month and $40 per month.


After studying and comparing HostGator and Liquid Web packages and services, it’s found that both present a reliable and user-friendly Linux hosting service, and first-rate technical support. However, the service from Hostgator is much more affordable and quicker than that from the Liquid Web. Therefore, HostGator is leaps and bounds a better Linux web hosting provider.

Hostgator vs iPage

Today, choosing a web hosting solution in the most informed way can mean great SEO and general customer satisfaction or trust. Both the above benefits have an impact on the conversion rate of the traffic any website receives because a million viewers per day with no single conversion is a waste of time and resources.

The choice of a good domain hosting company is the core of the optimisation options every company out there should be looking for. Here, Hostgator vs iPage will be approached at in a completely different angle. The ultimate goal is not only to help you decide which one of the two is the best option, but to basically show you the advantages of going with Hostgator.

Hostgator vs iPage

1. Which one gives you a faster website and better uptime?

iPage is plagued by slow response of the websites hosted there. The uptime is not that bad, but at 99.98% of the time, it is still less than that of Hostgator.

There is no debating much in terms of the speed in Hostgator vs iPage. For a long time now, Hostgator has been at the top of the competitors in terms of the responsiveness of the websites hosted on its servers. The result has been the ever increasing number of customers going for Hostgator. Its up time too is always at 99.99% which is stellar.

2. The bonuses and giveaways

To be fair enough, this is nothing that should be a differentiating factor between the two hosting solutions but you will be interested to know that you get instant back up solution with Hostgator. With iPage too, you even get a $300 marketing bonus but it may be hard to ignore Google Adword bonus plus dedicated IP you get from Hostgator.

3. The cost

The cost being discussed here is not just the cost of renting the domain hosting service but also what you incur while running your website. The problems you might incur such as slow loading speeds can really deter users from visiting your website. Arguably, you may be forced to spend much more trying to optimise your website for search engines so that you may save your website from going under.

Having to do all that is costly and major websites use Hostgator for this same reason.

4. The Controls

iPage gives you a basic control option, vDesk to manage your website. Hostgator provides you with a nice cPanel to keep compete control of your website.

As you might have read in many reviews out there, the vDesk is not that popular because it limits you and additionally does not work yet while cPanel is versatile and effective while being simple to use too.

5. Customer experience

What you have to master in effective management of your website is the immediacy by which you attend to problems that arise at a given time, either as a result of a fault you made or a problem that you have no direct control of.

iPage has a great customer representative team and they are very polite, always willing to answer to all your questions. Unfortunately, some simple issues have to go through the ticketing system.
However, the full time customer service hotline in Hostgator is a game changer. All problems are attended to immediately without referrals that would otherwise waste your precious time or accelerate the issue at hand.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

There are a number of web hosting provides, but it is important to compare the benefits and the services that they are able to provide, in order to be able to purchase your money’s worth.

Hostgator and Dreamhost are considered to be some of the top providers when it comes to web hosting services. Both companies can offer a range of services and specialize in various functions that are helpful to catering to the needs of the clients.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

Hostgator vs. Dreamhost:

The Good:

Hostgator offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, this means there is no limitation on the size or amount of files that could be used in the website, they also do not cap the data transfer.

They also offer a free website builder that contains 4,500 templates making it easier for people to design their own website and make it look more customized and personal.

Hostgator has made it simple, not to mention the fact that the service is cheap.

It is easy to install and configure especially when it comes to the emails, and it is also reliable, in order to entice clients to remain, they also have extensive promotions and discounts and have an impressive uptime.

Clients are also praising the attractive cpanel, and the 1click script installing as well as the fast server speed.

Pages that make use of Hostgator have provided satisfactory reviews of the services due to the fact that there are very little technical flaws and interruption in the servers.

The Bad:

In the recent years, clients are experiencing a slower response time when it comes to the customer service assistance of Hostgator, there are also some technical issues, there are some cache running plugins of WordPress at times that need to be relayed with the customer service agents in order to get resolved.


The Good:

Dreamhost is perfect for entry level websites; it was made to assist blogs, portfolios as well as small business websites.

Company offers unlimited disk storage, which means the content uploaded is directly related to the running of the website.

They also provide unlimited bandwidth, and they are not placing any limits on the amount of traffic the site can handle.

Clients are also given the chance to host and manage different websites and domains, using just one account and with no additional charge.

They also have unlimited email accounts and email addresses.

Dreamhost has an amazing uptime and stability, the control panel is easy to use and navigate, it is very user friendly.

It is suitable for beginner bloggers who are still learning how to make their online presence work.

The interface is clean and filled with useful stuff that is easy to understand and use and it is also easy to move domains using this.

The Bad:

There are very limited options for advanced users, this is not recommended for an advanced web developer but this could provide perfect assistance for those who just want a reliable and stable web hosting.

Both web host servers will have their pros and cons, it will be up to the user to determine what kind of website they will put up and this will be the one to decide the applicable hosting service to get.